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Aquarius Horoscope for March 31, 2015
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Today's Aquarius Horoscope
(January 20 - February 18)

You would like to push beyond your regular patterns of communication but might not know the best way to get started. You tend to be more effective when working in pure conceptual realms, but have trouble escaping from a more pragmatic view over the next few weeks. Don't assume you have all the answers just because you've amassed a lot of information. Sometimes the most useful solutions come from the emptiness that's between the noisy facts and figures. Dancing with the unknown leads to your success.

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We're determined to maintain some semblance of normalcy after Mars shifts from impulsive Aries to sensible Taurus midday. We get another blast of practicality when the Moon enters earthy Virgo at 2:12 pm EDT. Nevertheless, it's still nearly impossible to keep our feet on the ground because energetic Mars forms otherworldly aspects with philosophical Jupiter and surreal Neptune. Ultimately, we float into imaginative realms no matter what we do.
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