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Aquarius Horoscope for April 21, 2015
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Today's Aquarius Horoscope
(January 20 - February 18)

You may feel restless today, especially if someone you love is being so nice to you that it makes you uncomfortable. Other people's pleasantries might even seem like a sign of weakness to your independent way of thinking. But don't mistakenly harden your position now just to demonstrate your strength. Be resolute and yielding at the same time, instead. Staying flexible in thought helps you move through your day with a gratitude that's more appropriate for the current situation. Opening your heart is the best place to start.

General Today's  General Horoscope

Our emotions bounce around as the fickle Gemini Moon squares confusing Neptune and joins charming Venus. Although we may try to adjust our responses to the fluctuating dynamics of the hour, our core beliefs won't change and remain non-negotiable. Our convictions are unflappable and our stamina is strong as warrior Mars forms a smooth trine with unrelenting Pluto today. We could hit a few rough spots, but standing firm commands the respect we seek.
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