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Aquarius Horoscope for February 28, 2015
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Today's Aquarius Horoscope
(January 20 - February 18)

You're extremely intuitive when it comes to what your close friends want today, enabling you to initiate helpful tasks before anyone even asks you for assistance. Unfortunately, you may also harbor resentment toward those who aren't willing to give you straightforward direction. You probably don't mind the extra work, but might feel frustrated about the lack of acknowledgement and appreciation. Instead of keeping your feelings quiet, talk to someone before your unhappiness gets the best of you. The more everyone knows now, the better the outcome.

General Today's  General Horoscope

We long to feel connected to the nurturing matrix of our families today. However, the receptive Cancer Moon conflicts with the expressive combo of Venus and Mars in extroverted Aries, making it tough to support others if our actions don't also further our individual interests. We might react too quickly out of fear when the Moon squares unpredictable Uranus and opposes mysterious Pluto. Nevertheless, we can all benefit from practicing patience.
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