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Capricorn Horoscope for November 26, 2014
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Today's Capricorn Horoscope
(December 22 - January 19)

You ambitious Mountain Goats are known for your down-to-earth practicality, and normally you competently manage the details of your life as needed. But now you're more interested in dreaming about a quick escape than taking care of the business at hand. Although you're not entirely convinced that abandoning your commitments is wise, you should be able to get away with letting a few things slide today. Thankfully, if you have been responsible all along, you can rest on your laurels, cut loose and have some fun.

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We may be so clever now that we end up fooling ourselves while trickster Mercury aligns with electric Uranus. Flirty Venus forms an exciting trine to Uranus, galvanizing our senses and attracting us toward unconventional expressions of love. The Moon's shift into eccentric Aquarius at 2:22 pm EST nudges us further along toward radical behavior. But it's the Sun's stressful square to imaginative Neptune that can prevent us from seeing the truth.
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