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Pisces Horoscope for July 29, 2015
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Today's Pisces Horoscope
(February 19 - March 20)

Your friends might believe they have your best interests at heart, but their behavior is too controlling for your taste today. Nevertheless, it can be awkward to come right out and tell them to back off because your abrupt message could alienate your most supportive allies. Dig in your heels and set clear personal boundaries that empower you to feel truly independent. Just make sure you listen to the advice you receive before going off on your own.

General Today's  General Horoscope

This is a totally weird day that defies description. Although the sensible Capricorn Moon anchors our emotions and stabilizes our mood swings, a series of fateful lunar aspects all but guarantees a strange ride today. Additionally, the Moon joins shadowy Pluto midday to pull us toward the dark side. We might try to think our way out of a funk, but analytical Mercury's irritating aspect to Pluto informs us that we must leave logic behind.
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